The Common Palm Civet or Toddy Cat's body is long and sleek, dark greyish brown with three fine but broken black stripes along the back. There are black spots of the sides of its body. It has short legs and a prominent muzzle. Forehead, cheeks and fore part of its muzzle are whitish. Its tail is black and long, with or without a white tip.

It can be found even in urban areas where it frequents gardens and roof attics of buildings. There are sightings in Siglap Estates, East Coast and Changi. Find out more at "Life of a common Palm Civet in Singapore" blog.

Have you heard about "civet coffee"? Common Palm Civet often consumes coffee berries ;passed beans are highly sought after to make coffee.


Solitary except for females with young kittens. Mainly arboreal. Inhabits forest, scrubland, park and mangroves. Can be found in urban areas too. Mainly frugivorous, also eats arthropods and small vertebrates.



HB 59 cm, Tail to 53.5 cm.


Widespread but uncommon.


India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Sulawesi and the Philippines.


Civets in Siglap Estates
Photo Galley of Civets in Siglap

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Common Palm Civet

Paradoxurus hermaphroditus

Common Palm Civet on a tree

A Common Palm Civet on a flowering tree in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Common Palm Civet on the roof

Young Palm Civets seen on the roof of a bungalow.

Common Palm Civet on Chiku Tree

An adult palm civet on a chiku tree.

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