Its skin on the back is smooth . It has long hind legs, tips of its fingers and toes not flattened into disks. Upper lip white, and a dark-brown mask over the side of its head and ear drum. The entire back of the body and limbs are bright green but at night, these areas may turn brown with darker markings.


Nocturnal, semi-arboreal, using found in forest streams with running water. Found in Central Nature Reserves, the Western Catchment Area and on Pulau Tekong.


7 cm SV.


Widespread and common.


Malay Peninsular, Borneo and Sumatra.


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Copper-cheeked Frog

Hylarana labialis (formerly confused with Hydrophylax raniceps and Rana chalconota)

Copper-cheeked Frog

A bright green Copper-cheeked Frog.

Copper-cheeked Frog

Brown variation

Copper-cheeked Frog

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