Did you know that there are 2 species of monkeys found in Singapore? Singapore is home to the common Long-tailed Macaque and also the very elusive Banded Leaf Monkey. In the 1990s, the Banded Leaf Monkey population apparently reached its low point. It was estimated to about 20 individual back then. The monkeys were thought to be close to local extinction. At that time, it was also suspected to be a subspecies unique to Singapore.

Since then, there has been an increase in the study and interest of the monkeys. Recent study yields that there are 40-60 Banded Leaf Monkeys in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. They are regularly reproducing and infants were also seen. In addition, DNA extracted from fecal samples proved that the Banded Leaf Monkeys in Singapore is the same species and subspecies as those found in southern Malaysia.


Inhabits mature forest where it is active in the day. Arboreal and gregarious. Its diet consists of fruit and new leaves.



HB 59 cm, Tail to 84 cm.


Rare and restricted.


Malay peninsula and eastern Sumatra.


Nature Watch Vol 19 No 2 Article: Banded Leaf Monke yin Singapore by Andie Ang and Yeo Suay Hwee


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Banded Leaf Monkey

Presbytis femoralis

Banded Leaf Monkey

Banded Leaf Monkey


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