The Lesser Mousedeer used to be fairly common in Singapore and on some of the outlying islands. However, they have disappeared from many parts of Singapore. Today, they are occasionally observed in forests in Bukit Timah and Central Catchment Nature Reserves.

The Lesser Mousedeer has a robust body and look oval-shaped in side view. It has a short tail and very slender limbs. Each foot has four toes and two main hooves. It is reddish brown at the upper part and usually darker at the centre of nape. There are three white stripes on the underside of the neck. Males has a pair of long canine teeth protruding from the upper jaw, but has no antlers.

Similar species: Greater Mousedeer


Active during dawn and dusk, and generally solitary but sometimes found in pairs. Inhabits mature forest where it is terrestrial and feeds on leaves, shoots, fungi and fallen fruit. In Singapore, it is restricted to the Central Nature Reserves.


HB 48 cm, Tail to 9 cm.


Rare and restricted to certain areas.


Indochina through the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo.


Wild Animals of Singapore - Nick Baker | Kelvin Lim

The Identity of a mousedeer (Mammalia: Artiodactyla: Tragulidae) observed at Lower Peirce Forest, Singapore - Celine H. S. Low, Chan Kwok Wai and Kelvin K.P Lim

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Lesser Mousedeer

Tragulus kanchil (fomerly confused with Tragulus javanicus)

Lesser Mousedeer

Lesser Mousedeer observed in Central Catchment Nature Reserve

Lesser Mousedeer feeding on leaf

A male feeding on leaf. Check out those canines on its upper jaw.


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