There are two species of otters found in Singapore, namely the Smooth Otter and the Small-clawed Otter.

The Smooth Otter is larger. Upperparts are greyish brown, underparts distinctly paler, buffy. Throat and sides of neck cream-coloured. Fur short, smooth and sleek.

Recent years see an increase in Smooth Otters sighting with families sighted frequently at Bishan Park as well as Gardens by the Bay.



Natural habitats include mangroves, mudflats but recently many sightings reported along canals system.


HB to 75cm cm. Tail to 45cm.


Widespread, becoming common.


South Iraq, Pakistan, across INdia, South China and Indochina to the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo and Java.


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Smooth Otter or Smooth-coated Otter

Lutrogale perspicillata(formerly as Lutra perspicillata )

A Colugo with a young

Smooth otter seen along Bishan canal.

Colugo licking on lichen on the tree bark

Cubs having a fish meal at a bund.

A gliding Colugo

A cub begging for food.

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