The Sunda Slow Loris is the smallest primates found in Singapore. It may look cute and adorable but its bite may cause an extreme allergic reaction. This is because, it has a gland near its elbow that secrete a toxic fluid. When threaten, Slow Lorises assume a defensive stance where they bend their heads downwards between uplifted forelegs, rubbing the gland and frequently lick their own gland regions. So its saliva may contain the toxic fluid which may pass to the victim when delivering a bite.

It has a round head with very short muzzle and large, forward-facing eyes. Its body is stocky with soft and dense fur. Its limbs are slender and has a very short tail. It is pale greyish to reddish brown with a brown mid-dorsal stripe and usually a dark coloured ring around each eye.


Nocturnal, arboreal and usually solitary. Frugivorous and carnivorous. In Singapore, it is recorded from the Central Nature Reserves, and from Pulau Tekong.


HB 30cm. Tail to 3cm


Rare and restricted to certain areas.


Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and adjacent islands.


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Sunda Slow Loris

Nycticebus coucang

Greater Mousedeer




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