The Brahminy Blind Snake looks like a earthworm. But look carefully, you will realise that it has tiny eyes and its tongue sticks out occasinally! It is small, cylindrical, smooth. Its head is rounded and its tail is very short and knobby with a short and rigid spine. Watch it feeding on ants larvae in Sophisticated Serpents chapter in BBC's Life in Cold Blood!

It is apparently an all-females species that lays eggs. Harmless to human.


Found under rocks and logs, sometimes even in flower pots. Feeds on tiny soil-dwelling invertebrates such as the larvae of ants and termites. Common in Singapore.


TL up to 18cm..


Widespread but common.


Widespread in Asia and Africa, Oceania and North and Central America, largely in the tropics.


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Brahminy Blind Snake

Ramphotyphlops braminus

Common Blind Snake

Blind Snake Eyes

Check out those tiny eyes!

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