The Yellow-lipped Water Snake or Gerard's Water Snake is one of the crab-eating water snake found in Singapore. It specializes in eating newly moulted (soft-shelled) crabs! Watch how it dismembered a newly moulted crab in Sophisticated Serpents Chapter in BBC's Life in Cold Blood! The footage was part of a story of crab-eating water snake filmed in Singapore!

Its head is rounded, slightly distinct from body. Body is cylindrical, grey above, pale brown below with a blackish stripe along the middle. Upper lips is yellow, extending to a stripe along side of body. Scales are smooth.


Nocturnal, semi-aquatic, ovo-vivparous and feeds on newly-moulted crabs. Mildly venomous. It occurs in mangroves. In Singapore, it is known from estuarine areas along the northern coast, including Sungei Buloh and Pasir Ris.


TL up to 53cm.


Widespread but rare.


Distributed along the coast of India east to the Malacca Straits.


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Yellow-lipped Water Snake

Gerarda prevostiana

Gerard's Water Snake

Gerard's Water Snake

Close-up of its head.

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