Order: ANURA (Frogs and Toads)

Family: Bufonidae (Toads)

Asian Toad
Four-ridged Toad
Saint Andrew's Cross Toadlet

Family: Megophryidae (Litter Frogs and relatives)

Black-eyed Litter Frog
Malayan Horned Frog

Family: Dicroglossidae (Fanged Frogs and relatives)

Crab-eating Frog
Field Frog
Malayan Giant Frog
Malesian Frog
Masked Swamp Frog
Rhinoceros Frog
Yellow-bellied Puddle Frog

Family: Ranida (True Frogs)

Green Paddy Frog
Copper-cheeked Frog
Golden-eared Rough-sided Frog
Masked Rough-sided Frog
American Bull Frog

Family: Rhacophoridae (Gliding Frogs and relatives)

Spotted Tree Frog
Four-lined Tree Frog
Blue-legged Bush Frog
Thorny Bush Frog

Family: Microhylidae (Narrow-mouthed Frogs)

Lim's Black-spotted Sticky Frog
Painted Chorus Frog
Dark-sided Chorus Frog
Manthey's Chorus Frog
East Asian Ornate Chorus Frog
Banded Bull Frog

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