A Beginner Guide to Frogging in Singapore

by Chan Kwok Wai

Are you aware that Singapore is home to at least 27 species of frogs and toads? Yes, 27 in a concrete city! Well, not all are native as some are introduced. But some have been here long enough to be "Permanent Resident" already. The Banded Bull Frog is just one of them.

About one third of Singapore 's frog and toad species are able to thrive in man-made habitats such as gardens and parks. The remaining species are mainly forest specialists which could only be found in our ever shrinking forest habitiats.

For beginners, I would suggest that you need to start with the following:

Common Greenback at Symphony LakeFrogs are nocturnal, it is easier to look for them after a downpour. The Singapore Botanic Garden is a good place to start frogging. Try to spot Malayan Giant Frog, Green Paddy Frog, Four-lined Tree Frog and the Asiatic Toad. There are a few water bodies in Singapore Botanic Garden. Approach these water bodies slowly and listen for calls and movements. Here's a list of water-bodies to check on:

Click here to see map of Singapore Botanic Garden.

Have fun frogging!

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